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When it comes to your financial knowledge, stop pretending that you don’t know what you’re doing.  There are more resources than ever.  If you’re a book lover, read a few on personal finance.  If you’re a net surfer, start Googling up on financial terms.


Answer the following questions and take a few minutes to research anything that you don’t know.  Don’t be afraid, we all have an area that we need to focus on.  These items are off the beaten path, and from what I’ve seen, points that cause confusion.  Some are Yes/No or True/False, while others are thought questions.


I’m all about sharing knowledge.  I learn something new every day and never stop reading.



True or False:  I have a progressive career plan that will increase my earnings within the next five years.


The last time I improved my work skills was ______________.


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investing decisions

My household finances should be run the same as a CEO runs a ________________.

How much is your household equity?


True or False: My budget includes all expenses and, therefore, I meet my savings goals.


Five different ways to save:






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financial management

True or False:  Disability insurance is always covered by employers.


Two examples of risk transfer are __________ and ___________.


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My monthly overhead household expenses, i.e., mortgage, utilities, taxes, should not exceed ____% of my gross monthly salary.


To avoid a negative FICO score impact, my credit borrowings should not be ___% more than the maximum amount of credit available to me.


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retirement plan

Do you agree with this statement?

It’s OK to delay contributing to a retirement plan until I make enough money.  Retirement is a long time away and I have many years to save up.


Which IRA is better for tax purposes- a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA?


True or False:  A deduction for contributions to a Roth IRA were repealed by Trump’s new tax law.

What’s wrong with this statement?


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The Rule of 72 is about _________________.

  1. compounding
  2. how long it will take to double an investment
  3. uses time value of money principles to calculate an investment’s rate of return
  4. and b.


My investment allocation is _____% stocks, _____% bonds, _____% commodities.


ETF stands for _____________ _____________ ______________.


The expense fee percentage on my employee retirement fund is _____%.


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