Financial Planning Workshop Is A Success

financial planning

I’m conducting a personal financial planning workshop at a local bookstore.  In three sessions, I plan to provide an overview of the following aspects of financial planning: saving, spending, investing, retirement, and insurance.

The first session, this past Thursday, was a success.  A small group showed up representing all age groups.  I started with my usual introduction, explaining how each person’s mentality towards money drives their money habits.  With the following visual, I outlined the topics that, when combined, result in balanced financial management.

financial planning

The group exchanged ideas, breaking into discussion throughout the session.  An hour into leading the meeting, I asked for specific questions and needs.  Topics that they wanted further information on ranged from savings, additional sources of revenue, IRAs, estate planning, to required minimum distributions.

Disability insurance, as an income replacement, was a cause for confusion and required further explanation but everyone agreed that personal financial planning should be taught in schools.

I discussed my book, How Ally Found Her Financial Freedom, and demonstrated my investment compounding schedule.  The schedule gives an estimated future value based on a quarterly compounding formula.  Starting with a beginning investment balance, contributions to wealth can be added in any quarter and the schedule automatically updates all columns.



Investment Compounding

It was great so see a motivated millennial take a solid interest in doing things the right way.

I can’t wait for the follow-up meetings – I find the one-on-one interaction rewarding and love to share knowledge.


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