Your Health Is Your Most Valuable Asset




Because I feel that every aspect of life overlaps with financial success, I feel strongly about a topic that most people don’t consider related.  In fact, most take it for granted and neglect it when it needs everyday attention.  Here we go: Everyone must take charge of their health.  OK, I can feel the collective groan.  You mean I have to eat chunks of tofu?  Um, no, but it would help to put down the donuts.

Here’s the downside of not managing your health.  Feeling like a slug all the time might be a hint.  Having minor, chronic discomfort is another clue, whether it be from digestion, skin problems, allergies, or constantly getting a cold.

Here’s my day when I don’t eat right, exercise, or sleep well: cranky, no focus, foggy-headed, lethargic.  I can’t read anything beyond a third-grade level and I don’t want anyone near me.  After a few days, it’s like I’ve chosen Door #1 to the dark vortex that brings on depression.  Eventually, everyone will run from me but I don’t care because all I want to do is lay down.

Let’s keep the gloom going.  Death can also be a consequence.  I know of some unfortunate souls that faced an early demise from years of poor nutrition, too much alcohol, and untreated medical conditions.

Health = Wealth  Your health has everything to do with your financial success.  Your work energy is your currency with the world.  The world pays for skills and if your skills are sapped by a fuzzy mind, your currency level stands to suffer.  If not performing well on the job, it’s possible that you won’t be chosen to work high-profile assignments, which leads to being passed over for promotions, which leads to less income.

No one wants to work with a sluggish person that always shows up late.  Employees that always call in sick are considered unreliable, and those workers tend to fall behind in their career.  Why stunt your earning power when it’s an easy fix?

I don’t intend to insult people with genetic medical issues or other serious health issues, I only intend to emphasize that being sick isn’t normal and many chronic minor health issues can be alleviated with better diet choices, exercise, and adequate sleep.  After 25 years of reading books on health and mitigating some of my own issues by eating a boring diet, I can assert this with confidence.  Some think it’s uncool.  Well, I’d rather be uncool and full of energy, getting things done, and achieving my goals, than tired all the time.

I’m amazed at the reckless diet choices of some individuals, even when they are already suffering from a medical condition. A former co-worker of mine had just finished telling me that he wasn’t feeling well over the weekend due to a new medication.  I asked if he was going to stop taking it and he owned up to being a full-fledged diabetic.  As I turned around, I noticed he was eating PopTarts for breakfast.  I normally don’t comment on anyone’s eating habits because people can be very sensitive about criticism of their food choices.  However, I was so appalled after hearing the account of diabetes, a serious illness that destroys vital organs, it was like I was watching him swallow poison and I couldn’t help myself.  It also disturbed me to watch an intelligent person make a meal decision of a five-year-old.  He muttered back, “Well, I have to eat something”.

The follow-up to that was when I remembered that his lunches consisted of Chef Boyardee, the pre-fab slop in the plastic microwave container with the peel-off top.  I can’t even tolerate the odor of it, the preservatives make me nauseous.

It’s Expensive To Be Sick. Constant health care costs time as well as money.  The time spent at doctor appointments could be spent in money-earning activities.  Then there’s paying for prescriptions because health insurance doesn’t cover everything.  A friend of mine admitted to needing $600 out-of-pocket every month for asthma medication.  Out-of-pocket co-pays for serious illnesses can obliterate a person’s financial position.

There’s a reason why the drug companies are so powerful.  People rely on prescriptions to solve their problems when their issue could be resolved if they paid better attention to what optimal physical health requires.


You only get one body.  What you do today determines how you’ll feel in the future.  Think far –  it’s not over at 50, 60 or 70.  Unfortunately, many individuals are forced into premature retirement, limiting their resources, when they could have worked for a few more years to supplement their retirement pot.

My idea of retirement doesn’t include constantly going to the doctor.  Imagine reaching financial freedom and being imprisoned by health issues?  Money can buy good medical care but it can’t buy good health.  That’s up to you.

Why live your life on flat tires?  Small changes make big differences.  I’m a believer in re-invention whether it’s knowledge, behaviors, or health.  The human body is very resilient and it’s never too late to start.  You don’t have to exercise like an Olympic athlete, eat like a monk, or never enjoy a wine buzz again.  Moderation is the key to life.


Here’s to your most valuable asset.





3 Replies to “Your Health Is Your Most Valuable Asset”

  1. You make a great point, and of course are completely correct!

    All of the financial planning and hard work to achieve early retirement and financial independence won’t mean anything if you are so unhealthy that you can’t enjoy the freedom you worked so hard to earn. It’s an important lesson for us all to remember!

    1. I feel better now in my 50s than I did in my 20s.

      Here’s my favorite health drink: one packet of Stevia, dissolved in water with juice of half a lemon; add a hit of apple cider vinegar.

  2. Great article, Dora. You are your #1 asset. Invest in your mind, your body and your soul. Otherwise, it will erode from right under you.

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